RELEASED: April 23, 2018
ARTIST: Khayal Mammadov
LABEL: Melody Music
IF I SAY (Remix Version)

D O W N L O A D  

The new poetic single by Khayal Mammadov is called “Desem ki” (“If I say it”), the remix version is an international project. The idea of ​​this project, the words and the performer Khayal Mammadov. The composer and arrangement were performed in Turkey by Ogun Dalka. Vocal is the famous singer from Iran Kamran Razolzade. Mix Mastering was done in Iran by Pedraham Azad and in Azerbaijan by Kamal Forever. Song in the Azerbaijani language. They tell about the love of the memory of the past …

Lyrics: Khayal Mammadov
Music: Ogun Dalka
Vocals: Kamran Rasoolzadeh
Arrangement: Ogun Dalka
Mix & Mastering: Kamal Forever, Pedraham Azad
Desing Cover: Asim Balayev
Recording: Home Studio
© Melody Music Production
Language: Azerbaijan

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