Alyona Vasiltsova – Artist, Designer, Teacher

My name is Alyona Vasiltsova. Originally from Frunze, Kyrgyzstan, and now I live in Volgograd, in Russia. She graduated from the Volgograd State Institute of Arts and Culture with a degree in book graphics. I am an artist, a designer, I teach fine arts. I like to create different creative events, such as Performance of Painting and Music, Exhibitions, Charitable Master Classes for children with disabilities and many things. She organized her 16 personal exhibitions, 10 performances and over 6 joint exhibitions with other artists. And also, participation in city, regional, regional, all-Russian and international exhibitions. In life, a lot of interesting things happen. I like to travel and get to know a new culture, people, it’s very inspiring. Now I have many friends in different cities and countries. I want to realize a lot from my plans!

Acquaintance with Khayal Mammadov

My acquaintance with Hayal Mamedov was several years ago, in my Gallery. Although, it seems that I know him all my life. I have always been attracted to the East and its traditions. Often evoke in me the feeling of sweet dreams, fairy-tale. Hayal with his charm, velvet voice and skill of eloquence simply fascinates! When I saw him, immediately drew attention to his fabulous oriental image, which, as if from my picture came to reality. On the eve, I drew a picture, an illustration to the work “1001 Night”, Hayal, as if the character from this tale, he writes and sings songs, books, probably not by chance, as his name is translated – dreaming! , and the first one is music.In the last spring I received an invitation to Baku, where we walked around the beautiful city and filmed a clip for Hayal’s new song “Desem ki.” I really look forward to his release and I hope the video will be beautiful. Youtub

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