Khayal Mammadov was born on July 2, 1990 in the autonomous republic of Nakhchivan. He grew up and graduated from high school in Baku. Since childhood he was fond of writing, he liked to write poetry, wrote down his voice to the cassettes under the romantic music. At an early age, he took part among schools in poetic weeds, where he took several places first.He received the title of the Young Poet of the Republic. His poems were printed in newspapers magazines, invited to television channels in the program. In 2009 he began to professionally engage in creativity. In the same year he released his first poetic album, which attracted special interest on the Internet. Unleashed in all local and foreign social networks. His album was played in the radio. He did not even expect such luck, and in this connection he received motivation and released 5 albums after it. Almost all the albums music he composed and voiced. Khayal Mammadov wanted to enter the University of Arts of Azerbaijan in the beginning, there were many opportunities and good connections at the university. But he changed his mind, consulted his parents and chose the profession of jurisprudence.Entered and In 2016 received a degree in law from the Volgograd State University. For six years of study, he spent little time for his work.After graduating from higher education, simultaneously continued his profession in creativity. Opened his studio and assembled a professional team. Many are wondering what draws him into the work? Khayal Mammadov answers that creativity is this genetics our kind of family.His grandfather is a famous musician of wind instruments. Mum Khayal Mammadova graduated from the University of Art, Faculty of Cultural and Educational. Despite the fact that Hayal is a lawyer by profession, he also works in music, as well as as a writer.



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