Curly hair (Poem)

When I see from afar
a girl very similar to you,
with curly hair,
at that moment
I can not tear my eyes away from her.
Unexplained feelings occur
in my heart, at the same time,
I’m getting agitated
and reliable steps.
I begin to speak to myself,
what can it be she,
and I’ll see her again.
But when I see,
that I am mistaken,
I apologize in a sorrowful tone.
I do not want this anymore,
often mistaken.
I do not want to disturb others,
nor myself.
Thought, in due course all will pass,
tried to recover from this syndrome,
but it did not work out,
and if you do not come back,
will not work.
So time does not heal all the illnesses.

Khayal Mammadov

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