Tarana Allakhverdieva: Short Autobiography

Tarana Allakhverdieva (Tarana Paris Bakou) was born in a beautiful corner of Azerbaijan in Karabakh. She studied at the University of Foreign Languages ​​(Baku), then continued her studies in France.I am a graduate of the prestigious Paris school “Manufacture Chanson”, the National Conservatory of Besancon and the University of Sorbonne.Laureate of the Baku jazz festival of young vocalists, performed in England, was an honored guest in France at the Festival of the best singers of French chanson in Moscow in 2011.


Acquaintance with Khayal Mammadov

In the beginning of spring we got acquainted in absentia with Khayal Mammadov. I heard the song “Desem ki” (performed by Khayal), he is also the author of the words of the song, I was very touched by his multifaceted talent, lawyer, esthete, Khayal is also interested in foreign languages. Our communication gave rise to our cooperation, I hope we will soon submit our joint project.

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